Discover His Majesty has done so many things for me, but more than anything, it has made God feel so much more accessible to me. I had always been raised to believe that God was this far away, distant being that was so big and so important that I never felt as though I could directly speak to or hear from Him. Through my reading of this book, I felt a change take place in my heart. I felt it opening up and was surprised to find that God was already there, I just couldn’t see Him before because I wasn’t expecting to find Him so close by.

Yes, it really all is a mystery…and that is what the Bible calls it, too. Once, while I was painting the floor in my old house by the sea, I talked to God and asked Him to help me with the pain in my heart I had at the time. I was saying, “Lord Jesus, please help me. You know best how to live the Christian Life.” To my amazement, He answered (in my heart) and said, “Renee, it is not the Christian Life you need, but CHRIST’S Life! You see, the Christian life is not a method, but a PERSON—the Personhood of Christ, living HIS OWN LIFE in you.” This is sooooo much different than what most churches teach us, even today.