The book is beautiful and such a Blessing to me. Many thanks.
Thanks again for your encouraging devotionals! I have been forwarding some of these emails to my brother who is going through some tough times. He has found them encouraging and insightful.
Christian greetings from Mindanao, Philippines in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Me and my wife are Roman Catholic by faith, Converted to JESUS CHRIST and we become a native tribal minister, discipleship and church planters. We travel and ministering the Gospel of Christ and his Kingdom to high mountain villages in central Mindanao Region. The reason why I’m writing to you, because I was greatly move with tears, being touch and was enlightened by the Biblical and spiritual truth you preach and teach in your church as I visited your website. That captivates my attention of your great and tremendous teaching and the Messages has cleared my mind about the truth we are looking for, Wife and I fasted for (3) days seeking God’s guidance and understanding for the truth we viewed in your website. several days repeating and comparing to the Bible, Meditating and much prayer, God did not fail us. Our spirit approved the teaching and faith revealed your ministry. I thank God for the high and advance technology through the world wide web in the internet we found your church that teaches the real and genuine truth. Oh, how I wish that these new-found truths you teach will be transmitted here in Mindanao Island. Praise God! for the real and genuine truth that has been restored in his church today through your church teaching that clings to the whole truth handed down by the Holy Prophets and Apostles of old. I must tell you straight from the heart; I have been searches a lots of church religions websites. But I’ve notice that most of them teaches 75% in the Bible and the rest are not in the Bible. Thank you very much for you open the eyes of our understanding that encourage me more to remain faithful and obedience in the service of God.
Pastor Ernie
Thoughts of Good Hope have been a very moving inspiration. May the name of the Lord be glorified.
I spent about two hours in the workbook this morning. I am so impressed with it. I only got to page 20 in those two hours but felt so amazingly enlightened and blessed. It feels like lie upon lie is being broken down and my eyes are being opened to what the father of lies has done. He has tried to murder my soul. You have laid out in your books a God given revelation on how to come out of darkness for those who desire to surrender their hearts to the Lord. My experience is reminding me of the words in the Bible that say His sheep will hear his voice and no other voice will they follow. When I read your book and now work in the workbook, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the Lord’s voice, and I am compelled to follow and am so excited to see the lies of the enemy being shattered by the Truth. I look forward to the day when I can truly say I am walking in complete freedom and wholeness…no more lies. I pray that God will use me to share the truth about His goodness and allow me to direct others to the Person of Jesus as you have done for me, once I am completely free.
Hi Renee, As I walked into work this morning, I was asking God to help me find my joy again, that I have seemed to have misplaced. I came on in, and didn’t think about it too much, and I saw that you had sent a blessing bright and early. Once again, I am awed at how he has answered my prayer. While reading this, I am made well aware of some areas that I have been struggling to control, to be right about, to be the one in charge, and he has gently reminded me that I am not in control, that I have only been concerned about “self”. Now, I can focus on what he has in store for these situations that are happening, as I learn to let them go and to trust him. I wanted you to know this because if you ever feel like these blessing don’t reach the right person, or that folks just ignore them, this is proof that you are doing God’s work.
Hello Renee! I just got home from camp. Thank you so much for praying with me before I headed off to camp. It was really helpful! We worked through my identity and confidence and that gave me the courage to listen to God and step out of my comfort zone at camp. All of my friends and leaders told me that they were really inspired by what I did and they said they saw a dramatic change in me this year. Thank you so much for helping me with my lies and helping me hear from God. For the first time in my life I feel connected to God and excited about life. Also, I would love to receive your “thought of the day” emails. It would be really helpful for me. I am going to get in the habit of reading my bible daily!
I have perused Discover the Majesty and of course, absolutely love its message. The pictures, italicized Scripture, black text about your life, and red text messages from the Father, make the book very clear to understand. It’s a joy, also, to see that you have placed your Prayers and Blessings of Good Hope into books. Renee, these writings which share your Christian journey and heart of the Father, are true jewels which will shine in the lives of many people (already have helped others on the Internet and radio). For me, this message which you personalized to me in that little cottage room in Gabarus has changed my life. One recent example is that in a conversation with my daughter, she pointed out a genuine fault of mine as I made a couple of negative comments about people’s bodies at the local swimming pool. As I thought about it on my way home in the car, my fleshly response was guilt, shame, and anger. In the midst of this, came the voice of the Spirit: “My daughter, you ARE loved by your Father. You need not fear chastening. Open your heart and mind to my light and wisdom, instead of tightening up. I can help you to control your thoughts and comments as I treat you with tenderness and acceptance.” He was breaking more bonds of slavery to the lie of believing I am unloved and unworthy. Praise Him.
Hi Renee, I forgot to mention that I gave one of your books to my husband and it has become his companion. He carries it all the time and relates to it so well. I know God is also changing him. By the way, reading is not his hobby, but for your book, he has allocated it time in his daily schedule.
Hello Renee, I bless the Lord for you as a result of what am hearing friends testify having read the books. Be assured that you are doing a good job as the Lord is using you greatly.