Discover His Majesty: The Perfect Father $22.95, shipping: $3.99

Cover OnlyThis enchanting story is about a little girl who grew up on the rocky shores of the Indian Ocean in South Africa. She loved the ocean and she adored her daddy. Their favorite times were spent at the ocean-fishing, swimming, and laughing. He was everything a child could want in a daddy. But then he died!! This true story continues to unfold, as we follow her into adulthood. Although she was happily married, the little abandoned girl inside had never grown up. Feeling abandoned and betrayed by her daddy, she tried to be normal, but the indelible memories haunted her. Twenty years later, the broken little girl inside a grown woman felt an urge to go look for her daddy’s ocean, only this time, it would be the rocky shores of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Amid fireflies and majestic sunsets, she found the answer for which her heart was yearning…a new Daddy. And it was amidst the fatherly embrace of this new Daddy-the Perfect Everlasting Father-that she learned to let go of abandonment, condemnation, and shame. She was saved by His Love…and finally became free. This story is not only for those who lost someone, and are struggling with abandonment, but also for those who struggle with non-acceptance, unworthiness, condemnation, shame, and guilt. The Perfect Father sent His Son, Jesus, to set us free from any and all of these negative, destructive beliefs. Do not read this book if you do not want to be changed.

Discover His Majesty: Study Guide $24.95, shipping: $3.99

Cover Only Study GuideThis study guide that accompanies the book with the same title is a must read. There came a time in my life when I stopped IGNORING MY HEART, but instead, started CONNECTING WITH MY HEART. It is then that I detected an OLD ME in my heart. I started asking questions to my heart: “How do you feel? What do you believe? When did you feel like this for the first time?” When I connected with my heart, I FOUND GOD THERE, WAITING FOR ME with His answer-the NEW ME. It seemed that the deep, meaningful fellowship I craved from God had to come through my heart. If I wanted to give abandonment, shame, or condemnation to God, I had to engage my heart. If I wanted my heart to be healed, I had to embrace it. If I wanted God to talk to me, I had to wait for Him in my heart. Connecting with my heart became the most important aspect in connecting with God…and the NEW ME. This study guide has been developed with the purpose to help you connect with YOUR heart and YOUR NEW ME. It aspires to make MY STORY of deliverance from the negative, destructive beliefs instilled in my mind by the father-of-lies, YOURS. In this guide you will not only find a plethora of heart-connecting questions, but also much, much more: examples, encouragements, applications, prayers, and all the others parts of my life experiences that I could not share with you through my book, DISCOVER HIS MAJESTY. It is a MUST HAVE if you want to change…if you want to be freed from your OLD ME. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)