Hello Renee, I have been in the villages here in Kenya where there are no Internet services, and wanted to post earlier. The truth is that the book is personally very relevant and very practical to my daily life. I have read through just once and now need to go through it slowly again and again for more digestion. I had to read through very fast because of the anxiety and curiosity that I had for the book, I am indeed learning great truths that I am starting to put to use in my family and ministry. Thank you and God indeed bless you and the family.

Pastor Leonard


The stories in the book are real, Pastor Leonard. They teach us about the pain of abandonment, shame, and condemnation…and how this pain causes us to sin.  WHY?  Because these beliefs are from the father-of-lies.  They produce so much pain, that we look for a way out—SIN.  THAT’S WHY WE SHOULD LIVE IN THE TRUTH…ALWAYS!