I woke up very early today, and told the Lord what I desired—for Him to take the front seat in my life. I am tired of directing myself. I feel so out of control of my life. I was asking Him “Lord, are you so far away that I am calling and you can’t hear? Lord can you see me? Are you hearing Father?” And then He consoled and comforted me. I felt His presence in the room. I was engulfed with joy and peace, and then I knew He was answering me. He was telling me He could hear and see. I love Him. I desire Him more than the whole world. As I am writing, my eyes are full of tears for the love I have for Him.



Yes, you are learning how to surrender your life and heart to God. The surrendering thing is hard for me, that is why I do it ONE belief at a time. Whenever I feel perturbed, I lay the emotions down at God’s feet TOGETHER WITH the underlying accusatory belief from the father-lies. I EMBRACE my feelings and beliefs, EXPOSE them to the Lord Jesus, and let Him EXCHANGE them for HIS SELF.