I have to confess, I did not keep my word about reading your book one chapter at a time. Tonight when I picked it up, I could not put it down. I just had to keep reading. I am speechless, Renee Kathy I am so filled with joy when I hear this, Kathy. The experiences

Pastor Leonard

Hello Renee, I have been in the villages here in Kenya where there are no Internet services, and wanted to post earlier. The truth is that the book is personally very relevant and very practical to my daily life. I have read through just once and now need to go through it slowly again and


I woke up very early today, and told the Lord what I desired—for Him to take the front seat in my life. I am tired of directing myself. I feel so out of control of my life. I was asking Him "Lord, are you so far away that I am calling and you can't hear?


I have been so very touched, and have laughed, slapped my knee with utter amazement at the direct correlation some of the daily Blessings of Good Hope devotionals have to my very own life. I have cried, I have gotten chill bumps when reading some of them, because they are all too familiar when looking


I absolutely love Discover His Majesty's message. The pictures, italicized Scripture, black text about your life, and red text messages from the Father, make the book very clear to understand. Carol Thank you. It was quite a challenge to separate the different voices, but I wanted my readers to be able to find the special


Discover His Majesty has done so many things for me, but more than anything, it has made God feel so much more accessible to me. I had always been raised to believe that God was this far away, distant being that was so big and so important that I never felt as though I could