Cape of Good Hope was established in 2012 when we began receiving letters in response to our messages of Good Hope, advertised in our books, study guides, and daily devotionals. Testimonies from all over the world not only testified of receiving Hope, Love, and Truth through these messages, but lives completely changed, as people learned how to stop living in their defense mechanisms of running from their own hearts, hiding behind masks and smiles, and blaming others for their wounds. Instead, they experienced the freedom God’s Truth brought into the negative, destructive beliefs that lived in their minds.

We believe that this message is meant for each and every person on this whole wide world, especially those who had been abused as children. Therefore, our calling from God is to get free books into every state and federal prison in the whole world, and into as many city and county jails as possible.

The list of Good Hope activities extends on to include: military personnel, hospital patients, crisis centers, schools, and missionary projects around the world, even the jungles of Africa and the remote mountainous areas of the Philippines.

The harvest is ripe, and we rejoice to do everything we can to be God’s servants. With the help of the people God will send us, we will continue to reach those for whom He gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to not only bring people all over the world into Heaven, but to bring Heaven into each dark dungeon of despair, wherever that may be.